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Desktop Magnifier 3.53

It magnifies the area where the mouse cursor is placed and saves the image
3.53 (See all)
Coder Ltd.

Desktop Magnifier is a useful tool that allows you to magnify the desktop area where the mouse cursor is placed, exactly as if it were a magnifying glass.
The program lets you use different zooming scales (from 2 to 32 times) and use two modes of magnification (precise and smooth).

There is a grid option that you can use to view the division lines of the pixels and use different colors for it. But the disadvantage of this option is that the division lines can be confused with the color of the pixels. To solve this problem, you can use the "Rastered grid lines" option to make visible the grid lines on any background.

You can freeze the image that is shown by hitting the space bar, to save it later with BMP file format. Nevertheless, you can save the zoomed image to the clipboard without having to freeze it.

Among other things you can change the refresh rate of the magnified image, use different smoothing types (simple, linear, cosine, bicubic, etc.), and have the application always on top.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can use different zooming scales and smoothing types
  • You can save the image to file or clipboard
  • You can magnify windows that use alpha blending


  • You cannot measure distances on desktop
  • Having the application always on top may cause problems if other application windows have the same feature activated
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